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Free Hit Counter - FAQ

1. Are your hit counters really free?

Yes our hit counters are 100% free. You will never have to pay for the user of our service. However each web counter comes with a small text link beneath the counter which our advertisers pay for. The link that is placed below the counter is how we pay for our hosting and on going development costs, etc...

2. Is it hard to create a new website hit counter for my site?

No creating a new counter is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply choose a style from over 150 counter styles supports, copy and paste the HTML code we give you onto your website and you'll be counting visitors to your site.

3. What happens if I alter the HTML code you give me?

If at any point you alter the HTML code on your site our spider will which checks regularly will disable your account with and in turn display a big red "Counter Disabled" image on your site. So please remember never to alter the code (minor modifications such as changing the link color below the counter is fine, however making any changes to the URL or other will result in your account being disabled).

4. Can I set how many digits I want my counter to be?

Yes when you setup a new counter with you'll be able to set up to 14 digits for your counter. Additionally you'll have the option to set the counter to auto so it will automatically increment to the next required digit when needed.

5. Can I set the value I want my counter to start at when I sign-up?

Yes when you sign-up with you can set the value for your counter, however you will not be able to reset this value for any specific counter. Should you want to reset the counter value simply create a new account with us and copy and paste the new HTML code as you would have previously.

6. Is there anyone I can contact should I have any problems?

Yes if you're having problems simply contact our customer support department and we'll do our best to get back to you with some answers ASAP.

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